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Ready Haken provides highly trained security and housekeeping services in Kolkata, West Bengal with great care to the clients. If you are searching for the most dependable destination that can offer you security services for your office, factory, and institute or for any other organization then contact us. We have trained security staff members to provide you trustworthy security services. Our security services will eliminate your security related worries. Manpower solutions, facilitated by our source will help you minimizing your security staffing expenses as our services are too affordable and at the same time reliable too. So, to get highly secured manpower solutions for meeting your housekeeping or security needs contact us now.
Tailor made manpower outsourcing services will help you finding a great opportunity of leading your business successfully. Apart from offering the most reliable manpower solutions, we provide security and housekeeping, payroll management, factory labour contractor and training for the HR personnel too.

Our Services

Manpower outsourcing companies in kolkata

Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower outsourcing offered by Ready Haken is too lucrative to attain for most of the agencies, business houses as the company provides reliable

Security Services in Kolkata

Security and Housekeeping

After a strategic security analysis, we provide security and housekeeping services to our esteemed clients all over West Bengal.

Payroll management companies in kolkata

Payrolll Management

Different types of services are required to the modern companies. Payroll management is another important requirement to these sources

Labour Contractors For Factory in Kolkata

Factory Labour Contractor

Ready Haken is the most trusted factory labour contractor in Kolkata. If you are searching for the most dependable factory labour contractor

HR Training Centers in Kolkata

HR Training

The success in playing a role mostly depends on the training. Therefore, to play the role of a Human Resource Manager effectively


"I have always been very impressed with the quality of service I have received from READYHAKEN. They are reliable, efficient, professional and – above all – truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition."

Bikas Roy Manager

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