Contract Labour Act Kolkata

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Therefore, contract labor refers to a working person hired to work through a contractor for a specific job in a company. Contract labor is not directly recruited by companies, and they also do not have any special payroll. We do this because companies only appoint contractors who, in turn, recruit these workers for different jobs. To prevent the misbehavior of workers in any establishment and to ensure a healthy working environment for them, the Contract Labor Regulation and Abolition Act of 1970 were introduced. In addition to this Act, besides regulating welfare, health, payment of contract labor, there are also detailed provisions for registration of companies and grant of licenses to contractors.

Contract Labour Act Kolkata

Duties of contractor and employer:-

  • The employer should ensure that the contractor performs the following tasks:
  • 1. Government fixed wages or
  • 2. Gives wages fixed by the Commissioner of Labor.
  • 3. In their absence, the laborers are paid fair wages.
  • 4. Provides the following facilities:
    • Work in laboratories (if the working staffs are 100 or more and the work is done for six months or more).
    • Gives employment cards to laborers.
    • Rooms for workers working at night and where work is done for three months or more.
    • A sufficient number of diuretics separately for men and women.
    • Drinking water, washing, first aid, crèches, etc. for laborers.
  • 5. Various registers and records, notices, etc.