Housekeeping Company in Kolkata

Ready Haken housekeeping offers the most comprehensive housekeeping services that gain wide application in various commercial and residential areas. So we have the best team of professionals and experts, who are working according to the requirement of continuous satisfaction and the needs of our customers. In addition, we are in regular communication with our customers to understand the growing and ever-changing demands of our customers and tailor our services to the same. Along with this we offer the most skilled people in our housekeeping company in Kolkata such as ward boy, nurse, hired sweeper, plumber, pump man, liftman, generator man, etc. These employees of our housekeeping company are well trained and also much disciplined in their respective fields. They serve our customers with the utmost dedication, professionalism, and compassion. Apart from this we also seek continuous feedback from our customers about our services so that we can protect our services in the most friendly and hospitable manner. Our services are greatly appreciated for their most modern approach and for their adherence to deadlines. So, the lists of services we offer are as follows: -

  • 1.Ward Boy: - Our ward boys and Aya have years of experience in this field. Hence they are known for their talent and knowledge in their fields. Along with this, the boys of the ward have knowledge about medical conditions and medicines and also take care of hospital equipment. He also has expertise in taking care of patients and keeping the hospital clean.
  • 2.Sweeper: - We provide the services of housekeepers and scavengers to our clients who are highly skilled and hardworking and also capable of handling all types of tasks. He has years of expertise in this field and the knowledge required for executing his work with precision.
  • 3.House cleaner: - Our housekeeping company is helpful in proving experienced home and office cleaners who help you in keeping your home or office clean. Hence our professionals are skilled in this art and maintain hygiene standards by using superior quality materials. Along with this they are highly reliable and provide their services according to customer demands with proficiency.

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