HR Training in Kolkata

As per the current industry standards, Ready Haken provides the best HR training in Kolkata. Our training program places professionals in secure placements in multinationals. Ready Haken is one of the most recommended HR Training Institute in Kolkata, which provides training on live projects practical knowledge / practical implementation, and ensures the job with the help of advance level HR training course. HR training in Kolkata is done by our Ready Haken expert certified corporate professionals who have previous years of experience in HR training.

Ready Haken is a well equipped HR Training Center in Kolkata. We apply the following concepts under HR law, statutory compliance, payroll processing, interview sessions, and practical sessions, etc. on the candidates in HR training. Apart from this, we do HR placement training modules like aptitude test preparation, etc.

Ready Haken is also a center of renowned human resource training in Kolkata with high-tech infrastructure. We also provide servers online, so that candidates can easily learn projects at their home. During our every training, we customize the syllabus as per the requirement of the candidates/corporates.

Additionally, our classrooms are built-in projectors that allow our students to understand the subject in a simple way. We also follow several companies to ensure the job of our candidates. We have employed thousands of students according to their skills and area of interest, which makes us a primary for the Human Resource Training Institute in Kolkata. We closely observe the development of the students during the training program and help them in all possible ways to increase their performance and level of knowledge.

HR Training in Kolkata

HR training introduction-

The daily operations of the HR office are handled by human resources. HR manages the administration of HR policies, procedures, and programs of any company. Hence HR performs its responsibilities in the following functional areas like- departmental development, human resource information system, employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment, etc.

Why choose Ready Haken for HR training in Kolkata -

Some reason that makes us the best among all others:

  1. We provide video recording tutorials for the training session for that the candidate, If they miss any class, they can use those video tutorials and be able to further their course.
  2. All our training programs are based on a live industry project which is very helpful for the candidates.
  3. All our training programs are based on current company standards.
  4. Our training courses are conducted by our placement partners.
  5. Training is conducted on a daily and weekly basis; moreover, we also organize training schedules as per the requirements of the candidate.
  6. Our classrooms are fully equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi. And we have 100% free personality development classes which include Spoken English, Group Discussion, Mock Job Interview, and Presentation Skill, etc.
  7. We provide study material in the form of interview questions along with e-book, online video, certification handbook, certification dump and project interview material to our candidates.

Ready Haken provides its effective HR training to students in Kolkata. The training course helps the candidates to understand everything related to the HR department. We have developed this training with the latest trends and tools. This helps the candidates to become an expert in the HR field in a very short time. Along with this, we use live examples to teach candidates about everything in a proper way. So our Ready Haken in Kolkata provides HR training as well as placement services.