Kolkata Contract Labour Act

Contract labor usually refers to workers who are hired for a specific job and a finite period. Under which workers are hired by an intermediary - the labor contractor - who supplies them to the employer for a fee. Ready Haken provides labor services under the Kolkata Contact Labor Act and in other areas. We, therefore, consider this rule because the Contract Labor Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970, aims to prevent exploitation of contract labor and also to provide better working conditions. If you are thinking that take the cue on a labor contract for your factory and company, then believe the benefits of taking labor contracts.

Employer satisfaction: - One of the main benefits ahead of cost savings for hiring contract labor is the ease of separation. Further, if an independent contractor does not fit well with the company culture or is not performing to the satisfaction of the employer, the hiring manager may end the relationship with little or no paperwork. Termination of a full-time employee includes benefits to the permanent employee and sometimes an exit interview or other HR requirements.

Saving money: - The recruitment process, training, and benefits associated with hiring full-time employees can cost well into the thousands of dollars. Many small businesses do not have the resources to go through this process when a significant but finite project requires workers. Hiring contract labor also saves money in the form of payroll taxes, as the independent contractor is responsible for paying the IRS their own payroll taxes.

Kolkata Contract Labour Act

Benefit to contractors: - Independent contractors create their own hours, decide when to work and for whom to work. They do not depend on the success of a single business to produce income and fulfill their financial responsibilities. According to the Wall Street Journal, independent contractors earn 40 percent more per hour than permanent employees. Contractors do not benefit from customers; High pay is made up for. Instead of taking taxes during each payment period, independent contractors pay quarterly taxes, allowing them to hold onto their cash longer.

Along with all these facilities our company is very busy providing services under different services to Kolkata Contract Labor Act in Kolkata. We introduce ourselves by providing services of housekeeping, factory, security, manpower, HR, etc. We provide all types of labor as per industry requirements. Our provided workers are hard-working and capable of working under any difficult and environmental conditions. Before providing our services, we carefully understand the needs of the customer, so that we can provide the best suitable solution. We are offering a supervisor of employee labor for all industries. We have a team of highly trained labor with unique abilities like physically and mentally competent, good decision-makers, skilled, honest and high intentions.