Labour Contractor for Factory

In today's time, where people need work, many people also need labor. Hence Ready Haken is known as a labor contractor for a factory in Kolkata, India. We are a reliable organization that provides labor services on a factory contract basis according to the needs and demands of all factories.

Our customers always appreciate and accept our services because of our quality. We use the best and most helpful equipment and support personnel during the process of providing our services. Also, for customer satisfaction, we recruit our employees through complete document verification and identification. Apart from this, we analyze the candidates most effectively in terms of their qualifications, industrial work experience, reliability, etc. Therefore, we do a labor contractor for the factory to fulfill the following objectives:-

  • To provide protection to the workers in line with the objectives of a socialist economic model.
  • Providing equal treatment and protection to all laborers, whether they are employees of an industry or contract laborers.
  • Prohibit exploitation of contract laborers.

Labour Contractor for Factory

Along with this, our provided workers are hard-working and also able to work under any difficult and environmental conditions. Therefore, before providing our services, we understand the customer's requirements carefully so that we can provide the best suitable solution. We offer the supervisor of employee labor for all factories.

Apart from this, we have a team of highly trained labor with unique abilities like physically and mentally competent, good decision-makers, skilled, honest and high intentions. We consider labor suppliers, ranging from 'day-to-day' to 'long-term contracts' according to the customer's requirement. Our services provided are effective and available anytime with the client beneficiary. We offer staff as per requirement. Therefore, we believe in customer satisfaction and meet customer requirements with the best solution. After that, we provide various services to all our customers.

We provide you this service:-

1. A good amount of labor according to the requirements
2. Good Labor Consulting
3. Labor with supervisors at various levels
4. Labor Protection