Labour Supplier in Kolkata

Ready Haken has achieved great height in terms of its size and stature in a short span of time. Therefore, we have developed our core competence in offering manpower services. Based on a little-known understanding of market needs, we provide our clients with quality labour supplier in Kolkata at competitive prices. In addition, we attribute our success to our commitment to excellence by overhauling our processes and enhancing our core competencies. Hence the professional attitude of our experts has created many contacts with reputed companies, which has accelerated the growth of our company. We supply labour for various jobs in various fields. Simultaneously, we provide skilled semi-skilled and unskilled labor suppliers in Kolkata. Therefore, we are the largest source of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower in entire Kolkata. Ready Haken is one of the labour supplier in Kolkata supplying skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled labor. Therefore, we cater to the manpower requirements under this category for various industries, organizations and construction companies.

Labour Supplier in Kolkata

1. Skilled Manpower:

  • Manpower who are ITI (Fitter, Welder, Machinist)
  • Press operator (press machine, CNC machines, welding machine, BMC operator)
  • Quality Inspector
  • Line Inspector
  • Bottling Operator
  • Driver etc.

Skills are the development of a person's efficiency, wages, and expertise in a field. Since skilled employees usually get higher salaries and rank as they are more trained and responsible than unskilled workers in the company. Hence a worker who comes in the category of skilled labor like carpenter, fitter, welder, bakers, coppers, etc.

2. Semi-skilled manpower:

  • Warehouse Manpower
  • Fresh ITI (Fitter, Welder, Machinist)
  • Trained Helper

We take care of your needs even for semi-skilled workers. Semi-skilled workers are workers who work as assistants to skilled workers. Hence they have basic knowledge of working and working under the guidelines given by skilled workers. Semi-skilled workers are between the skilled and unskilled category and are very important for any organization as they provide the labor required by the skilled workers. Apart from this, the semi-skilled workers belong to the categories which work under the supervision of skilled workers. They have to do and they cannot decide themselves to complete the work that is given to them. Hence, they only follow the guidelines.

3. Un-Skilled Manpower:

  • Helper (Fitter, Welder, Machinist)
  • General movement of material
  • Eating of materials etc.

We stand apart from our competitors in providing unskilled labor to hundreds of companies in Kolkata. We provide unskilled labor under the government. Compliance. Therefore, we strictly follow the norms set by the Government of India for labor recruitment.

We have an excellent track record for the fulfillment of any order received from industries. In addition to this, we are building a big client tally and big brands as our clients to whom we can provide our labor supplier services. So do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of labor skilled, unskilled or semi-skilled labor. We are also providing industrial housekeeping services, contract labor, etc.