Payroll Outsourcing Kolkata

Ready Haken provides affordable payroll outsourcing services to suit the needs of any type of business in Kolkata as well as its various regions. With Ready Haken's simple payroll outsourcing service, you can be sure of less paperwork and get the best value for money. Therefore, we fully understand that payroll processing is a time-consuming and extremely important process as it involves two of the most valuable assets for your organization - people and money. With our decades-old experience in this field, we take care of it so that you can focus on other important tasks like sales, marketing, and company expansion plans.

By outsourcing payroll services, now your salaries can be uploaded directly into your customer's bank accounts. They will no longer have to make inconvenient trips to banks to deposit their pay-checks. Hence, this paper also eliminates checking nightmares and tedious tasks like paycheck reconciliation.

Payroll is one of the headaches especially for small business owners as they have to keep pace with the frequent government forms and changing regulations as well as upgrade their payroll software. With Ready Haken as a payroll service provider, you won't have to worry about recent tax calculations and government regulations. Because when you outsource payroll services for yourself, we take care of all your payroll tax requirements. Therefore, we also have a specialist payroll service without dependence on your existing employees for your payroll processing.

Process outsourcing of payroll as a process and the functional unit benefits an organization in more ways than one. For existing customers of Ready Haken, considering the fact that Ready Haken is already implemented on your end, the service can be extended further as the database and control point resides with your organization and also, this Outsourcing the process allows you to focus more. Competitive business opportunities.

Payroll Management Kolkata

Why Ready Haken?

  • • Over a decade of experience.
  • • D. de facto standard for large companies to follow and streamline their process around the system.
  • • Compliance with changing government regulations and employment regulations.
  • • Quick turnaround time for new employment policies and management support for all their MIS activities.
  • • Value-added services as optimization of gap analysis and reimbursement models.

Our payroll outsourcing Kolkata includes payroll management. If you have aimed to review internal processes, streamline office functions, or reduce operating costs, your organization may benefit from managed payroll services. So implementing managed payroll services makes it a surrogate pay office for your the organization, as they take responsibility and accountability for the provision of payroll services. Hence the payroll services we provide include:

  • Salary and benefits structure consulting
  • Payroll processing
  • pf and ESI
  • Standard report and incorrect
  • Employee Query Handling
  • Pay email
  • Tax calculation