Payroll Software Kolkata

Payroll Software is a product offered by Ready Haken, a software development company in Kolkata. So payroll software is available in two versions: desktop payroll software and online payroll software. However, this payroll software is not restricted only to businesses in Kolkata. Rather, there are companies located in Kolkata and its other regions that use our payroll software for their payroll processes. Hence it is intelligent payroll software that helps to avoid completely manual calculation. In addition, the HR professional of your company can completely assign the responsibility of payroll calculation or salary calculation to this payroll software Kolkata and focus their attention on other important tasks.

Also, the payroll software is based on dot net technology and follows all the pay and payroll laws set by the government. So it is designed in such a way that anyone can access it easily. In other words, you will not have to undergo any training to use this payroll software Kolkata. The software is compatible with Excel as well as all types of presence punching machines, and also imports data from them during the payroll process. Hence Payroll Software Kolkata is configured with all the latest features required for payroll processing.

Here are some features of Payroll Software Kolkata. If you think this payroll software can help make your work easier or if you want to arrange a demo of the software, please contact us by visiting our contact page.

Payroll Software Kolkata

Features of Payroll Software Kolkata:-

  • Attendance management
  • Quit management
  • Computation computation
  • Money transfer
  • Multiple Salary Structure
  • Bonus management
  • Statutory norms
  • PF, PT, ESIC, TDS calculation
  • Auto backup facility
  • Earning or cutting head
  • Send by email
  • Trial audit report
  • One-click operation

Different versions of payroll software Kolkata is available on different payroll packages. So you can choose the facility that has the features you need and one that suits your budget.