Private Security Services in Kolkata

Do you live in a big city like Kolkata? And it is natural to have this concern if you are concerned about the safety of your family and your apartment. And if you are looking for the Private security Service in Kolkata to keep your personal security safe and for your family, your school or apartment, then our Ready Haken may be the best destination for you.

Ready Haken is a key address to appoint security services for homes, apartments, schools, colleges and many other commercial or non-commercial properties. Our company has been working in this profession for many years. From our range of services, we are known as security services specialists in Kolkata. We provide private security services to multinationals, small firms, apartments and many private properties with our world-class security services.

Private Security Services in Kolkata

Hire us for different purposes-

1. Security for Homes or Villas- It is said that every property in the world needs protection, even if it is not our house. It is often seen that robbery cases are more than snatching cases. So personal security guards take care of your houses and villas and keep the robbers away from your house and villas and give you peace of mind to protect your loved ones.

2. Security for Hotel / Restaurant - We offer experienced and reliable security officers security jobs for hotels. Hence, they are experts in dealing with parking, monitoring CCTV and day to day events. We train our security guards in such a way that they can provide the best services in the hotel/restaurant.

3. Security for the Apartment- It is all believed that an apartment is a safe place unless it is spoiled by security persons. So in an apartment from the front gate to the back door, to keep unknown persons away from the apartment. Guard is required and the true guard is responsible only. The apartment committee can contact us to appoint a security guard at a cheaper rate.

How are we different from others?

We provide extensive training to untrained guards in our Ready Haken office, which includes physical and mental training through theoretical and practical classes. At the same time, we are able to meet the demand for security officers in a short period of time due to the increasing demand for experienced security guards. Our company is able to meet the demand of more than one security guard at a time and considering your needs.

Contact us to get 24 x 7 hours of private security services in Kolkata. Also to know more about our private security services in other areas of Kolkata, do not hesitate to contact us.