Residential Housekeeping Services in Kolkata

Ready Haken is a growing, innovative organization that is one of the best in the region for residential housekeeping services in Kolkata . At the same time, we serve corporate companies, hotels, residences, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, universities, and other commercial institutions with high-quality professional cleaning services. Although we have evolved over the years.

We managed to bring together the expertise and capabilities of other firms with our principles to fulfill our principles. Hence, we are one of the leading residential housekeeping agencies in Kolkata. We like to ensure that the quality of your company makes a positive impact and we also understand that the first acceptance of quality is cleanliness. Therefore, our mission is to provide our clients with the best quality service of unimaginable value through the work of a highly dedicated trained and skilled staff who are determined for the long-term growth and prosperity of the company.

Residential Cleaning Services in Kolkata:-

We all always want a safe, clean and comfortable environment for our near and dear ones; however, it can sometimes be quite a task. Our experts at Ready Haken provide the best residential housekeeping services in Kolkata focused on providing complete customer satisfaction. Hence our services include comprehensive cleaning of all areas of your home such as a bathroom, windows, floor, and kitchen and bedroom.

Residential Housekeeping Services in Kolkata

Our residential housekeeping services include:-

  • 1. Windows Cleanup: - Window cleaning is never a problem as this service focuses on cleaning them with the help of special chemicals and machines. Window frames, grooves, and channels are cleaned thoroughly to eliminate dust collected over a period of time.
  • 2. Floor cleaning: - This includes mechanized scrubbing of the floor with the help of equipment that is compatible with all types of flooring. This service removes dirt and grime that is difficult to clean with regular mopping.
  • 3. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: - This process uses dry foam to clean carpets, sofas, and chairs and give them a new look. Hence carpets are shampooed to give them a new look. Leather Polishing and Cleaning: Cleaning leather furniture can sometimes be a tedious task, but our experts do it well. We are proficient in the art of conditioning, preserving our leather sofas, chairs and accessories from external damage.
  • 4. Chandelier cleaning: - All employees of Ready Haken follow the process of cleaning your chandelier without any physical contact. This makes it a safe and time-saving process by ensuring zero damage to your valuables.
  • After some time, Ready Haken has made a mark in providing commercial residential housekeeping services in Kolkata to customers.